PDE seminar in September 2018


Time: 14th September (Friday) 16:00 - 17:00
Speaker: Prof. Younghun Hong (Chung-Ang University)
Place: #701, Natural Science Building, Hanyang University

Title: Dynamics in the semi-classical limit


Quantum mechanics describes nature at the atomic/subatomic scale, while classical mechanics does at macroscopic scale. These two theories are connected via the (semi-)classical limit h→0. In this talk, we discuss the semi-classical limit focusing on analysis of orthogonal families of functions (by Lieb-Thirring, Frank-Lewin-Lieb-Seiringer and Frank-Sabin). This is a survey talk.




Time: 18th September (Tuesday) 14:30 - 15:30
Speaker: Prof. Hantaek Bae (UNIST)
Place: #208, Natural Science Building, Hanyang University

Title: Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations: regularity of the velocity field and the flow map

In this talk, I will introduce the notion of mild solution and its analyticity. After that, I will show Holder regularity of the associated flow map.